THE SCI-FI PODCAST EP 21: Batman vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War

tsfp-dawn-of-justice-civil-warWelcome to The SciFi Podcasta wretched hive of scum and villainy a bi-weekly podcast focused on in-depth discussion of all things Science Fiction. The SciFi Podcast features three hosts—Mattroid, Solo, and Station!—and frequent guests. Each episode we look at a science fiction theme or franchise and take the discussion where no show has gone before.

Capes, caps and claws – it’s superheroes against superheroes, with nothing but principled beliefs standing in the way of maximum carnage. Did your favorite superhero show in one of these movies? Did these movies flop or fly with you? Let us know in the comments section, below.

Theme music courtesy of I Hear Sirens, featuring Matt on bass and Liz on keyboard. Hear more of I Hear Sirens ethereal, instrumental, post-rock at BandCamp. Podcast production by Mattroid. Artwork by SpaceWolf.

Show Notes:

Ratings and Recommendations from the hosts –

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Mattroid – 4
Station – 6
William Solo Jr. – 4.5
Brain – 4.5

Captain America: Civil War
Mattroid – 10
Station – 8.5
William Solo Jr. – 8
Brain – 9.5

11 thoughts on “THE SCI-FI PODCAST EP 21: Batman vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War

  1. Okay, so here’s a question- While BVS was an unmitigated disappointment for many fans, is there still hope for the DC Hero Franchise? Specifically- should we look forward to Ben Affleck’s future run in Batman? Is Aquaman going to be interesting enough? Gal Gadot did manage to shine onscreen in the role of Wonder Woman, but will her origin story be good enough to turn things around for DC?

  2. i liked affleck and think his batman could be really good. but the overall dc universe is in trouble i think. they seem to be not at all on the same page with stuff. i mean nothing will be terrible probably but nothing will be amazing either. i like the marvel stuff alot but the dc movies arent my thing, even though its the other way around with the comics.
    so yeah i am nervous for the next dc movies. wonder woman was badass though so i hope her movie rules.

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