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Matt Daniels aka “Mattroid” is the Host of The Sci-Fi Podcast. He is a veteran podcaster and currently appears as a frequent guest on Horror Movie Podcast. Mattroid is a writer, primarily of short stories and short films. He is also a musician and was, at different times, a bandmate of both of his co-hosts, as well as the podcast producer. He’s married to woman of his dreams—Station!—and together they captain their own crew of little space-cadets.

TSFP Mattroid

Elizabeth Gordon aka “Station!” is a full-time Co-Host on The Sci-Fi Podcast. Liz is a talented musician, a wife and a mom. When not raising kids, she also runs a couple of businesses. Her favorite television show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her favorite pastime is doing math. The Sci-Fi Podcast marks her podcasting debut.

Liz Station


William Rowan Jr aka William “Yolo” Jr aka William “Solo” Jr is a full-time Co-Host on The Sci-Fi Podcast. He is also an official Co-Host on Movie Stream Cast, is the Producer and Host of the forthcoming Special Features podcast and the Frenemies podcast, and is a frequent guest on Movie Podcast Weekly and an occasional host on Horror Movie Podcast. William is also a documentary Producer, budding screenwriter, musician, husband, and father.



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  1. For the guy who talked about a movie about a guy trapped on mars, he should check out the book The Martian by Andy Weir. It’s about an astronaut who is stranded on mars and how he uses science to try and survive. Finished it in 4 days on my last vacation. It’s amazing.

  2. My friend and I have a sci-fi audio drama called Caalo Xan to stream or download free on iTunes or directly off our website:

    We are trying expand our listening audience. We are almost through our first season, and I just wanted to see if you could check us out, and tell us what you think.

    Thanks for the consideration,

    John “Jude” Vivona

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  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if you’d like to check out HonorCon 2016? It is an annual convention focused on military science fiction and fantasy. It is hosted by the Royal Manticoran Navy, the official fan group of David Weber’s HonorVerse. We would really like it if you could check out our Con ( or just search HonorCon on Facebook) and maybe plug us a bit on your show?

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