THE SCI-FI PODCAST EP 7: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase 2 including Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and Ant-Man (2015)

MCU Phase 2Welcome to The SciFi Podcasta wretched hive of scum and villainy a podcast focused on in-depth discussion of all things Science Fiction. The SciFi Podcast features three hosts—Mattroid, Solo, and Station!—and frequent guests. Each episode we look at a science fiction theme or franchise and take the discussion where no show has gone before.

On this episode of The SciFi Podcast, SpaceWolf returns for a Considering the Sequels style show to discuss the entire second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe including a feature review of Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) with special guest Wildman Willis Wheeler, as well as a feature review of Ant-Man (2015)! We’ll also be bringing you more MCU mini-reviews of Iron Man 3 (2013) and Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and our Top 3 MCU film lists.

Theme music courtesy of I Hear Sirens, featuring Matt on bass and Liz on keyboard. Hear more of I Hear Sirens ethereal, instrumental, post-rock at BandCamp. Podcast production and art by SpaceWolf who can be found podcasting at Movie Stream Cast and Horror Movie Podcast. You can also follow him on Twitter @IcarusArts.

Show notes after the jump.

Marvel Minimal Phase 2Minimalist MCU Poster by “Mr. Saxon” via Deviant Art


I. Introduction
— Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase 2


II. [ 00:00:46 ] Mini Review: IRON MAN 3 (2013)
Mattroid: 8 ( Buy it, must own! )
Station: 6.5 ( Buy it )
Solo: 8 ( No recommendation, but will buy it from a $5 bargain bin )

III. [ 00:13:25 ] Mini Review: THOR: THE DARK WORLD (2013)
Mattroid: 7 ( Buy it, must own for fans )
Solo: 4 ( No recommendation, but will never, ever, ever buy it )
Station: 4 ( Buy it and seek therapy )

IV. [ 00:45:29 ] Mini Review: CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (2014)
Solo: 8 ( No recommendation, but will buy it on a $10 rack )
Mattroid: 9.5 ( Buy it, must own! )
Station: 7 ( Buy it, must own! )
SpaceWolf: 7.5 ( Buy it )

V. [ 01:09:00 ] Mini Review: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014)
Solo: 10 ( No recommendation )
SpaceWolf: 8.5 ( Buy it )
Mattroid: 9 (Buy it, must own! )
Station: 8.5 ( Buy it )

VI. [ 01:25:47 ] Feature Review: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015)
Mattroid: 8.5 ( Buy it )
Willis Wheeler: 9.5 (Buy it)
SpaceWolf: 8 ( Buy it )
Station: 8 ( Buy it )
Solo: 7.5 ( No recommendation, but will stream it on Netflix if it’s on Netflix )

VII. [ 2:21:57 ] Feature Review: ANT-MAN (2015)
Station: 3 ( Low priority rental, see it once )
Solo: 9 ( Don’t actually take someone else’s kids anywhere without parental permission )
SpaceWolf: 7 ( Rent it )
Mattroid: 5.5 ( Rent it )
—Brain’s take on the physics of Ant-Man
—Find Brain’s writings on the physics of Ant-Man in text: here

VIII. [03:07:14] SEGMENTS
—This week: “The Excessive Machine” with Wildman Willis Wheeler
Our Top 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies (through Phase 2)
and our most anticipated elements of MCU Phase 3.
Find TSFP hosts’ (and guests’) Top 3 MCU film lists in text: here

IX. Mini Reviews: AGENTS OF SHEILD (2013) and DAREDEVIL (2015)
—Brief, impromptu discussion of the two of the four Marvel Cinematic Universe television series ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Netflix’s Daredevil with Wildman Willis Wheeler.

—Wrap up and plugs


REMEMBER TO CHECK OUT BRAIN’S “The Physics of Ant-Man or The Science of Small” via his new Brain Blog.

Wildman Willis Wheeler’s links:
—Willis Wheeler on TV’s Toy Hunter
—Willis on the Terror Troop horror podcast
—Willis on Two-Drink Minimum Commentaries
—Willis on No F’n Way Commentaries Podcast
—The Wildman’s YouTube Channel
—Follow Willis on Twitter: @NastyWillDC
—Contact Willis on Facebook

SpaceWolf’s links:
—Listen to Josh review online streaming flicks on Movie Stream Cast
—Listen to Josh dig deep on horror-themed episodes of Horror Movie Podcast
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—Follow MSC on Twitter: @MovieStreamCast
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Mattroid’s links:
—Read Matt’s writing for The Daily Herald newspaper as “Gary the Unicorn” on topics like FanX at
—Watch Matt’s Gary the Unicorn comedy sketches about things like alien abduction on YouTube
—Listen to Matt discuss sci-fi / horror movies on the topics like “When Science Goes to Far” on Horror Movie Podcast

Station’s links:
—Liz says to subscribe to The SciFi Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher

Solo’s links:
—William says to listen to him on Movie Stream Cast and Movie Podcast Weekly

REMEMBER TO CHECK OUT BIZARRO ANDY HOWELL’S:The Science of the Avengers Part 1” and “The Science of The Avengers Part 2” via Ain’t It Cool News

AND CHECK OUT MORE OF BIZARRO ANDY’S The Science of …” articles

Join us next week for our review of Terminator: Genysis (2015) and a themed discussion on time travel with special guest and legit physicist, The Brain! And read Brain’s Brain Blog on “The Physics of Ant-Man” if you haven’t yet.

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  1. Attn: show notes nerds (you know who you are). You’ll notice dead links in the show notes for The Brain’s “Physics of Ant-Man” article and your hosts’ “Top 3 MCU Films” … I will be posting both as blogs on Monday and update those links at that time.

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  4. Hello, everyone! We have posted links to Brain’s incredible paper on the physics of Ant-Man throughout the show notes and you can download the original paper (with the correct formatting and without the art and goofy commentary by us) directly from Brain at the bottom of that post.

    Also, how awesome is physics? I say way awesome.

  5. Hmmm… Matt, have you noticed that some of the replies are displayed as answer to the original post (like at the top of the page) vs. these last few posts where a reply posts as if it were a brand new post?

  6. Random side note, but I’m totally with Station! on the unsullied quest. I, too, hate when people even tell me what they thought of a movie before I get to see it. I understand your plight.

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