The Sci-Fi Podcast – Episode 46: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Welcome to The SciFi Podcast, a wretched hive of scum and villainy a bi-weekly podcast focused on in-depth discussion of all things science fiction. The SciFi Podcast features three hosts—Mattroid, Solo, and Station!—and frequent guests. Each episode we look at a science fiction theme or franchise and take the discussion where no show has gone before.

Finally, December of 2017 arrived, and with it the most anticipated movie in the last two years; Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The dramatic continuation of The Force Awakens finds out heroes–both new and old–banding together to escape, and if possible, defeat the First Order once and for all.

How did this movie compare to it’s predecessors? Does Finn matter? WHO IS REY?! All these things and more are discussed in a lengthy and fantastic review and dissection of the film, by Mattroid, Solo, and friend of the podcast Nick Ricci. Station! was forced to sit this one out, once again caring for a baby, but her thoughts on TLJ will be heard in future episodes.

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THE SCI-FI PODCAST BONUS: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

TSFP Star Wars Force Awakens Banner 2Hey, space cadets! We’re bringing you some off-schedule bonus content. Hang on because it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Our podcast normally features three hosts—Mattroid, Solo and Station!—looking at a specific science fiction theme or franchise. But in this special bonus episode we’re doing things a little differently. Here, Mattroid, Solo and Station! are joined by Brain and SpaceWolf to discuss their reactions to the seventh installment in the Star Wars saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the kind of sweeping free-form discussion worthy of an epic space opera.

You’ll also hear Episode VII reaction clips from Forgotten Flix / Retro Movie Geek host, Joel Robertson, Movie Podcast WeeklyHorror Movie Podcast host, Jason Pyles, Movie Stream Cast co-hosts Cody Clark and Aaron Thomson, as well as returning guest Jonasty and two contributors that are knee-high to an Ewok.

Have a bad feeling about this? You will listen to this podcast now.

Podcast production by Mattroid. Artwork SpaceWolf.

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